Better than Online Calendars

Do you currently use free schedulers like phpscheduleit, Google or Yahoo calendars for shared equipment? Give BookMyLab's Free Version a try. BookMyLab is tailored specifically for shared research equipment & resources, comes with a free usage-tracker to help calculate the billing for your users.

Free Version

Our "Free-to-Use" version has tons of features to fulfil the scheduling-tracking-billing needs of most cores, absolutely free of charge! There is is no trial period, no credit card required. We do not charge any setup fees. If you're already using another scheduling system, we can help transfer all of your existing user data over to our system for free.

Low-Cost Enterprise Version

In addition to a Free version, we offer extremely low prices on our Enterprise version. Cost effectiveness is one of our key features.There are no hidden fees, and no setup fees, regardless of the size of your core facility.


Simple to Use

It's very simple & user-friendly -- no costly tutorials or training required ! You can start scheduling with just a few easy clicks…


Rich Feature List

Our system has extensive features for both admins and users, with several Validation Rules.

Academic experience & Stability

BookMyLab was created by academic researchers and programmers who have been serving the Life Science community since decades. We have a host of institutional and corporate clients such as research universities, hospitals, cancer centers, etc.


This is one of our key strengths. We have ample resources & experience to offer highly Customized Software Solutions to all our clients.

Institutional Branding

We offer you Institutional Branding in the form of a free personalized domain (e.g. for your system, institutional logo, etc, so that it gets its unique identity.

Dedicated Support

A dedicated support team works closely with each customer. All customers can contact us 24/7 via phone, email, etc.

Free Upgrades & Enhancements

We provide on-going upgrades and enhancements to all our customers with minimal interruption and downtime.


We take all measures to ensure that a secure software solution has been provided. All data entered into the BookMyLab system is wholly owned by the cores and institution administration. We ensure no data loss nor any degradation of data integrity. We also provide frequent security updates to all our software to help prevent any security issues.

Free Mobile Apps

BookMyLab Mobile Apps make all of your data available for viewing & editing on any device. You can view & modify schedules, change profile settings, etc. even when you're on the go.

Custom Solutions

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